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Regeneration Project

It is so important in this moments to regenerate landscapes that before where dedicated to cattle pastures.
During the past 15 years Bee Farm Ecuador has planted over 3000 native trees in the Andes highlands that surround our property, always close to watersheds and inside the farm. However, there are still about 9000 acres, that is almost 4 hectares, that serve as a good habitat(ecosystem) for bees and that will give them enough nectar source to survive. we are talking about blackberries, bees love their flowers and we love their fruits. this is a good symbiosis, providing bees nectar and also being able to produce organic blackberries. what is good for the bees is good for human beings too. this project will allow bee farm to be more self-sustainable.

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Strawberry production in the farms around is one of the crops that is gaining interest. Bee farm is working with the local farmers in the transition to organic production. to contribute with soil diversity. the conservation of every pollinator and keeping the soil alive. it hasn't been easy, but the farmers interests in their personal health and the health of the soil is increasing. for us, letting the farmers know through our own workshops that the bees are actually their business partners, is very fullfilling.


the production and regeneration with blackberries will help diversify the source of nectar for the bees,

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