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Our approach is humanistic, which means that we will always begin with an interview to get to know and accompany the consultant to discover the root of their illness.

Although Apitherapy focuses on prevention, which will always be the best medicine, the products from the hive are so noble that they collaborate so that the person can, with commitment and responsibility, recover homeostasis in their body.

Apitherapy encompasses the responsible and sustained use of all hive products, which together with deep emotional work can help not only regain balance but also heal the soul.

Our protocol as API therapists implies a commitment on the part of the consultant to go together to the deepest depths where, upon reaching that bottom, he or she can push themselves to the surface and although the process involves many tears and pain, we will be there to accompany them in their process with love. and the vibration of bees.

Each person is a universe and each therapy is individualized.

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