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Become a volunteer

Do you feel a calling from the heart to reconnect with you, the earth and people who are working in regeneration and self sufficiency for the present times? The Bee Farm Ecuador ist he right place for you then!

Here you will learn about bees and their importance to us and to nature while sharing common farm tasks which vary according to weather and season.


We share holistic activities such as Hula hoop, Yoga, Gratitude Ceremonies, Art, etc. – you‘ll never get bored at the Bee Farm Ecuador.

The farm is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, you can see the famous Cotopaxi from here and there are lots of opportunities to go hiking or go bathing in the mineral water pools that are close by.

Bee Farm Ecuador has educational and inclusive projects for the well being of bees and indigenous women running all year long in wich you may contribute as you also relax and enjoy a pacific and cozy stay.

Become a volunteer
What you will do
  • Maintenance of trails and trees.

  • Gardening

  • Food and beverages service

  • Daily Community activities of the farm, such as cooking and cleaning wich you ll hardly get away with!

  • Honey harvesting in season.

  • Putting honey in jars

  • Souvenir manufacturing

  • Dog sitting

What you will do

Andrea, Colombia

In Bee Farm I learned to vibrate with the rhythm of the bees and to be part of the sweetest beehive in Ecuador, thanks to Gabees love, David and their beautiful family.

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Matt, United States

Gabriela & David are beautiful & enlightening people that gave me a unique, welcoming experience filled with knowledge. I was happy to contribute here.

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Kalina, Germany

My time at the farm has not only taught me the importance, beauty and magic of honeybees, but also a lot about myself and a new way of living. Thank you so much Gabee!

Former volunteers

Volunteering 1-3 weeks

Daily fee 20USD, includes lodging and a few hours for learning basic beekeeping before handling hives. Bees are delicate and sacred beings, we need you to learn first.

Equiped kitchen. Fee does not include food. 

Why pay for volunteering?


Volunteering involve many costs such as lodging and food preparation. In this case you are not only contributing to the cause but you are also learning facts that may be hard to aquire with simple research. In Bee Farm we welcome you as one of the hive and through different activities we share as much as we can about the workings of the beehive, bee medicine and the teachings of the bees. You are surrounded by 7 volcanoes and view and 6 guarding dogs you will learn to love.

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